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i knew this guy sucked but, c'mon...


he killed somebody with his pocket knife. how much more white trash could this situation get? not much, unless we find out he fled the scene in a 1989 dodge caravan/aka portable meth lab.
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I needed a quick reminder of why I hate this jerkhole so much.

My older brother was chilling backstage this last summer during warped tour because he's a big dick and works at ticketmaster and fucks a lot of dudes.
Anyway, he was hanging out and drinking with some guys from local bands. When big gross Tony rolls on over. You see, my brother is musically illiterate and was just back there for free booze. He had no idea who the hell Tony Lovato was. (Lucky.)
If I had a ticketmaster pass and if I was back there, I would have told my brother NO! When Tony challenged him with beer shots. But I didn't and I couldn't so I had to smuggle myself back there. That is when I found my precious elder bro tanked with Tony Lovato and guess what,

They were making out.

Just kidding about them making out. But that's still the best story in the world because my brother took beer shots with mest and yours didn't.

I made sure to tell Tony to wash is face so don't you even worry, guys.

Now some Tony quotes that will never get old:

Tony: Thank God for Good Charlotte's drugs!

Tony: Um, uh, oh shit. Really big shit

Fuck, why is he so deep?

Tony: Would you fuck her? I already fucked her...I'm asking if you'd fuck her....Sloppy seconds my ass!

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From AP #210.2 January 2006, Incoming Section:

I truly loved all of AP 208. But I have to say, I especially enjoyed your interview with Tony Lovato of Mest about his viewpoints on creationism and intelligent design. His quote, "I mean, come on: If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?" was truly profound. I've often pondered a similar thought that also questions evolution: "If scienteists exist today, then why are there still morons like Tony Lovato that don't believe in evolution?"
Jimmy Weber
Littleton, CO

LMAO, pure gold, Jimmy. Pure gold.
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Tony Thanks:
Mom and Dad thanks for everything, especially with all the help I need trying to be an adult out on my own...this shit's hard. My boy you more than anything. My bro Steve. God for helping me get thought (sic) the hardest few months of my life. Let me chill here for a few more years then I'll come kick it with you.

It just goes on.